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Wildflowers of the MIllewa

Below are just some of the wonderful wildflowers of the Millewa, in the right conditions the Mallee just shines with all the colours of the rainbow.
Click on the image to see a larger photo

Photo's by Ian Cremmins
Lavatera plebeia<br>
Lasiopetalum baueri
(Slender Velvet-bush)
Cryptranda propinqua<br>
Cryptranda propinqua
(Silky Cryptandra)
Baeckea behrii<br>
Baeckea behrii
(Broom Baeckea)
Baeckea crassifollia<br>
Baeckea crassifollia
(Desert Heath Myrtle)
Dampiera rosmarinifolia<br>
Dampiera rosmarinifolia
(Rosemary Dampiera)
Helichrysum catadromum<br>
Helichrysum catadromum
(Ridged Everlasting)
Maireana arioclada<br>
Maireana arioclada
(Rosy Blue-bush)
Halgania cyanea<br>
Halgania cyanea
(Mallee Blue-flower)
Leptospermum coriaceum<br>
Leptospermum coriaceum
(Mallee Tea-tree)
Lysiana exocarpi<br>
Lysiana exocarpi
(Harlequin Mistletoe)




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