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This is a small excerp from
"The Nunn family at Morkalla"

Charles and Doris Nunn were successful applicants for allotment 6 in the Parish of Tunart, county of Millewa in 1926

This allotment consisted of 845 acres of third class land valued at one pound per acre was four miles from the township of Morkalla.
Applications for the block in the Parish of Tunart and the neighboring Parish of Mallanbool had closed on July 3rd 1926.

The family belongings were transported to the block at Tunart by wagon and the family lived in a bag hut whilst the house was being built. Life was not easy as the land had to be cleared fences put up water channels and dams constructed.

Supplies in most cases were available from Meringur which was an eight mile journey each way to the farm. Ron recalls at the age of 6 making this trip in a Gig by himself to get family supplies.

The original allotment was extended by an additional 1350 acres to the west of the original farm, some of this land had to be cleared fenced and a dam had to be sunk and channels constructed.

More information on the Nunn family can be found at the
Millewa Community Pioneer Forest and Historical Village

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Charles Nunn Harvesting

Charles Nunn Sowing first crop

Ready for Morkalla railway

Charles Nunn and his 8 horse team

Bruce and John ready for school

Charles Nunn with horse "Fan"

Charles Nunn with Michelle Field


First Shearing Shed

First Shearing Carried out on property

Harvesting with first diesel Tractor

Family Picture

Mum , Bruce, Lorna, John, Dad, Ron, June

Original house built in 1927 photo taken 1992

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