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Newsletter November 2005

well once again we come to the end of the year and I must say 2005 has been a very productive year for the Millewa Pioneer Park, not in the form of profit but more in regard to achievements. The extension to our machinery shed has begun with 80 feet one side and 20 feet on the other so adding 100 feet to its overall length, which will enhance greatly our display capacity the work is being done by Jeff Wilkie who seems to be a busy man and we are pleased to have him on board for this project thanks to a much needed grant.

A big thanks to Eric Wilson for the collection of corrugated iron chickens , complete with eggs which look very much at home in amongst the bushes at the Simpson cottage and also thanking Eric for the great restoration job of the shop counter which now sits proudly in the Government building. A big thanks also to all the people who made available their old photos of machinery which contributed to our display in October, the people of the Millewa are always generous with their personal photos and individual family history

details and we could not operate without their assistance. Speaking of assistance it was really fantastic to have new young volunteers come to our aid this last October open day and it makes things look promising for the future of the event.

A huge thanks must go to Irymple Rotary who help us every year by doing all the cooking, we have tried several times to hold an event to personally thank them but it seems either we are otherwise engaged or they are which pretty much drives home how much they must do around the community, we hope to sometime in the near future arrange something for them.

We have been lucky enough to manage to outsource catering on two occasions this year on a trial basis and on both occasions it has been a great success, it is becoming difficult to arrange for our volunteers to meet at certain dates to cater, after all it is a busy busy world we live in so being able to outsource has been a godsend.

The sculpture competition and fashions from the back paddock competition attracted some great entries, and were I feel a great addition to our open day as was John Bairds motor display which we have not had before.

The October day gives us all a chance to meet up with old friends and acquaintances and really is one of the great events of the year , we seem to coincide with many other events and they are all fantastic in their own way but how can you beat meeting old friends and having a laugh and talking about the old days.

We have begun discussing next years open day which will be our 20 year anniversary so we hope to have new and wonderful things to show and do, a photographic competition is in the works so that should be exciting and I am looking forward to that.

For our end of year jaunt this year we were invited to see the river redgum program at Ned's Corner Station where they have been pumping water to the redgum trees which have been isolated from the river during this last broad drought, and to date I think they have pumped over 12 megalitres of water to them, forming a beautiful Billabong in among the saplings ,

they have blocked off old creeks and thus stopping the water simply running back into the river, we then ventured on to lock 8 to view the new fish ladder installed then back to Ned's Corner to feast on a lovely cooked BBQ which was followed Will Hannah , a local aborigine discussing his life as a boy on the river and the explanation of some of the tools used including a demonstration of boomerang throwing.

We have made arrangements for the Simpsons cottage hession walls and ceiling to be replaced in March of 2006 and this should breath a fresh breath of life into the cottage. And it is thanks to the Merbein Lions Club that this will take place, where would we be without these people of Rotary and Lions club and other such organisations; it really is about community and the community spirit and we are so thankful of these generous people.

Lower Murray Water have donated the historical elevated water tanks to the Millewa Pioneer Forest and Historical Society and we will be conducting a hand over ceremony early next year maybe February or March , the have also donated the large ground square water tank which we will be relocating to the park grounds and will be used as a storage area for us.

It has been a long and busy year for all our members and the biggest thanks must go to you all for the effort you have once again put in this year, The Millewa Pioneer Forest and Historical Society wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year for 2006.





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