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Newsletter May 2004

We have wonderful news, we have finally relocated the Yarrara Hall to the Pioneer park, thanks to Mark Scherger and his team and I have to say the hall looks like it has been there the whole time, it just fits in so nice, electricity has been connected the stove is installed in the kitchen and its ready for use.

We have made good use of the hall already by holding the writer's workshop with Sandra Shotlander which was a great success having 15 people enroll for the Workshop at Lake Cullulleraine and 15 for the workshop held at the Pioneer Park at Meringur. It's always exciting when we welcome a new building at the park.

There were rumours of a time capsule buried at the old location of the hall and would like to know if anyone has any information on this, if so please contact us at the park.

We are also trying to obtain as much information on the Bambill weigh bridge as possible so once again if anyone has any information at all could you please contact

Margaret Kelly or Bill Duncan
Secretary : Margaret Kelly 03 5028 2259
President: Bill Duncan 03 5028 3295

We regret to mention that the park was the victim of another break in and as a result we will no longer have cold drinks housed at the park as this seems to be an incentive for the culprits, drinks will now be stored off site and produced on days when needed.

The Pioneer Park held a sausage sizzle at Bunnings front door in Mildura and was very successful , we had a lot of fun and sold roughly 300 sausages in 2 hours .






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