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Newsletter March 2003

First of all welcome to our new friends of the park members we hope you have a nice and rewarding time as our friends and a big hello to everyone, I trust you all had a pleasant 2003. The park has had a very productive and successful year. We have been fortunate enough to pick up a few awards which is a great reward for all the hard work that has been put in. The Yarrara Hall moving date has been put back a little bit but we have been assured that it will be done before January next year (Cross fingers please).

The awards we were presented with are 2003 Business Excellence Awards from Mildura Chamber of Commerce and Mildura Murray Outback Tourism presented with an award of merit tourism award.

2004 Keep Australia Beautiful regional winners for voluntary group community service. Regional winners for Beautification & Heritage Preservation. And a big thanks to everyone who has assisted us in becoming the best in the state, yes that's best in the state for we have won State Winners presented with Dame Phyllis Frost best voluntary Community Service in Victoria. Everyone pat themselves on the back please, if you cant reach get someone else to do it for you.

The trip to gluepot bird reserve was a nice day out, a long bus trip but pleasant all the same, we called into the hotel at Peringa on the way back and finished off with a nice meal. On 12th Sep the Postcards film crew came to the park and filmed an episode for their show, we hope to get a copy as

soon as Murray Outback Tourism get their hands on a copy. The open day in Oct was another success thanks to the tireless efforts of all concerned.I think everyone had a good time with so many things to see, some people could not stay behind in the evening to see the Batman David Gee and his slide show on bats which is a great pity, it was an informative and fun little talk, David was nice enough to send us a 12 page report on the bats in the Millewa,

also in the evening the Oasis Star Gazers Club INC. stayed behind with their telescopes although it did come in cloudy they gave a very educational talk as well and was worth staying behind for I think. Our next meeting will be held on 28th Feb 2004 and this is when the membership fees will be due. We would like to thank all those wonderful people who supplied photos to be copied for the sportsmen and women of the Millewa on our Oct open day, this is an ongoing project, so for those people who have old sporting photos of Nanna and pop collecting dust

please please consider letting us copy them so future generations may see them Here are some handy tips from a book printed in 1925 To frost window panes: Dissolve some Epsom salts in beer and apply with brush, you will have the best frosting known(so it says). To remove bad smells from clothing Articles of clothing or any other articles which have a bad smelling substance on them may be freed from the smell by wrapping them up tightly and burying in the ground for a day or two.

To find the number of gallons in a round tank Multiply the diameter in feet by itself(called squaring the diameter), multiply the product by depth in feet, then multiply by 6 and the result is the approximate number of gallons in the tank. Example-A tank is 5 feet in diameter and 7 feet deep; 5 times 5 equals 25, 7 times 25 equals 175, 6 times 175 equals 1050 gallons. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year




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