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Newsletter July 2004

Hello everyone, lets start with some good news and that is the police have found some of the items that were stolen from us which was mentioned in the last newsletter and we are over the moon about that, thank you to the police concerned.

Our pamphlets have been redone by N.R.E. Department for Natural Resources and a big thank you goes to Peter Kelly for organising that, they look great.

The Tidy Town judge has been and inspected the Pioneer Park, so fingers crossed that all goes well, the park is looking much better with this years rain.

Our web site is at present undergoing a complete redesign and should be finished shortly, however it is still possible to view the website at http://www.millewapioneerpark.org.au. (our site has received 18,000 hits since the launch in Feb 2003.

We have organised a work for the dole team to come to the park and do some odd jobs that badly need doing, every little bit helps. We are desperately in need of volunteers though so if any Friends of the park would like to dedicate one day a week at the park we are willing to pay the petrol costs, "hope that is you".

We are hopeful of having a display set up on our October open day depicting the Bambill weigh station so if there is anyone with any information what so ever, we would like to know. We will be sending the group "Hells Hero's" our newsletter in reply to them kindly sending a copy of their newsletter.

Don't forget open day 3rd Oct we hope to see you there its always lots of fun.



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