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Newsletter Feb 2003

First item is that Danny and Leanne Barber have moved to Roxby downs so are no longer with us. Terry Ellis has been appointed caretaker, or the open and shut person, Terry kindly volunteered for this task and is greatly appreciated, Terry opens the park at 10am and shuts it at 6pm, he runs the broom over whatever needs brooming.

Millewa Pioneer Village are holding a display at Trust For Nature on Sat Oct 11 at an open day there at Neds corner, POP in and see us please come, ALL WELCOME. Thanks goes to Shane Tonzing for donating a 2nd hand computer to We will be storing family histories on this (Big Job)

Members of the Millewa Pioneer Village and OUR FRIENDS GROUP are invited to a day trip by bus to GLUEPOT AUSTRALIAN BIRDS RESERVE. Near Waikerie, and will be calling into the Historic Overland hotel on the way back this trip will happen depending on the numbers possibly Sunday 19th Oct, we need more people to come with us to make this an enjoyable day out, and it is estimated to cost approx. $20 for the bus and we can pick you up in Mildura. If you are interested Ring Margaret Kelly (03) 5028 2259 or Bill Duncan (03)5028 3295.

PHOTO'S We are looking for copies of photo's of any sporting interests that concern the Millewa , whether it be football, netball, cricket, tennis, tug of war, golf, sheaf tossing, yachting, darts, 8 ball, any sport at all, for an exhibition hopefully to be displayed this October, and always any photo's or information concerning the history of the Millewa and its people, post to Margaret Kelly Lake Cullulleraine.

Our annual Oct open day is fast approaching, so put it in your to do list to come visit us on Sun 5th Oct, you will see a day of active history, we are presenting the Tex Morton memorial show, also displays, entertainment, exhibitions, working heritage machinery, blacksmiths, old bakers oven in use, rope making and much much more, so come along and join in on the fun. The relocation of the Yarrara hall looks like it will be going ahead as planned, this will be a great asset to the village, giving us more room for displays with a bit of luck it is the Yarrara Hall we will be displaying photo's and memories of the sporting memorabilia .

We have put in an application to the Murray Outback Tourism Awards unfortunately there were not enough entries in the Murray Outback Tourism Awards and it seems it has been cancelled as a result of that we have also submitted to the Victorian Tourism Awards which has attracted 124 entries so we hope at least to maybe get a

mention by way of having participated in the awards. We now have our very own web domain and website , which can be found at http://www.millewapioneerpark.org.au. we thank John Forrest MP the federal member Mallee for for providing us with funds to be able to obtain the domain and hosting.

We are always looking for family histories and photographs for the website so if you would like to contribute to this please email Ian Cremmins at cremmins@hotkey.net.au or ring Margaret Kelly (03) 5028 2259 or Bill Duncan (03)5028 3295. The Millewa Pioneer Village has a brand new display, we have set up the Telstra exchange building with assorted old phones and office memorabilia. We can see this display as only getting bigger and better in the future, we are so pleased with the progress of this building, it has been a storeroom for far to long. A special thanks goes to Des Gray for building the ramp going into the display room giving access to all who wish to see inside and to Telstra who have provided us with several phones of days gone by to display.

The Millewa Pioneer Village Committee is looking forward to seeing you on our annual Oct open day, and maybe even on our bus trip to Gluepot Reserve. The Millewa Pioneer Village Committee have had a group badge struck and will be available to Friends of the park, and Committee members on the Oct open day at $8 each. Steps are being taken to preserve the photographic display in the grass rotunda as the ones already displayed are showing slight stress at being left outside,

we hope to copy the undamaged photos and maybe somehow obtain new photos to replace the damaged items. The verandah on the Kulnine cottage has been extended thanks to Des Gray who is always hard at work in the village and a special thanks to Keith Kelly and Eric for their repair work on the railway carriages. The Millewa Pioneer Village has not been immune to the spate of thefts across the Millewa, the kiosk was

accessed by un-authorised persons and a quantity of cleaning agents and assorted items were taken. The Millewa has finally seen a bit of rain so we are hoping the wildflowers will be abundant this spring and would be a sight for sore eyes, as we did not have the pleasure of there company this last year.




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