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Newsletter Oct 2013

Preparations are in full swing for our 27th open day on Sunday 6th October. All our regular attractions are organized.

The spinners and weavers will be ready to spin some alpaca wool when they are shorn by the blade shearer.

We have cleaned the cobwebs out of the Blacksmiths shop so he can move in.

The Baker’s Oven has been swept out ready for the cooking of hot scones.

Glenda has spent an enormous amount of time collating the history of each allotment and tracking its ownership. It is still a work in progress and we will continue to collect stories, photos and information relevant about each block. Her work will be on display in the Yarrara Hall.

Marion has been busy in the school room preparing the blackboard for the all ages school lesson at 1.30pm on the day. The Sunset Country band has been exercising their vocal chords. The Church has been cleaned ready for the Ecumenical Church service at 10 am. If you are planning on being there for church don’t forget to adjust your clock for daylight saving!

This year we have extra attractions for the children and animal lovers of all ages. Everyone enjoys the alpaca shearing –except the alpacas! They look most indignant. Sheep will be shorn with blades the old fashioned way.

This year we will have two camels in attendance plus an animal nursery full of baby animals to cuddle. Paul Henschke has agreed to bring along his pony that does tricks and it will be performing for us several times throughout the day.

Another attraction the kids find fascinating is rope making. They are able to get involved to help and get a souvenir piece to take home with them. If old cars and motors are your thing as well as our usual engines and vintage cars, we will be joined by members of the muscle car club this year for the first time.

We are very grateful to all our hardworking members and all the extra helpers who give is a hand for our special October open day each year.




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