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The Millewa

The Millewa is a large strip of land, situated between sections of Murray Sunset National Park. The Millewa's Natural boundaries are the Murray River to the North, Mildura to the east South Australian Border to the West, and Murray Sunset National Park to the South.

This area was opened for settlement in the 1920's where prior to that is was all large pastoral holdings, with remnants still evident, one example is Long Plain Pine log tank thought to have been constructed in 1870, on a natural water soak Morkalla. First settlement in the area began on a wheat growing basis where prospective settlers were allocated an average of 750 acres (300 Hectares) of land as purchase leases for agriculture, by 1928 600,000 acres had been taken up by 708 settlers in this semi arid land, the average rainfall is only 250mm annually.

The area today is freehold land, a modern successful grain growing region producing hard grain high protein quality wheat and malting grade barley. With the availability of piped water from the Murray River enabling mixed farming with sheep and cattle enterprises.Nearby Lake Cullulleraine suitable for water sports a caravan beside the lake assures you of a pleasant time with BBQ features etc..

other places of interest in the Millewa are the Millewa Community Pioneer Village & Forest at Meringur, the Country Hotel at Werrimull, the Mallee family Pioneer farm, Mopoke Hut, Historic Catholic Church, Lutheran Church at Meringur and lots more, so come and visit us at the Millewa and call in to the Pioneer Village at Meringur and say hello.




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