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Mc Donald Family Meringur & Werrimull Donald and Jane Mc Donald Meringur 1924 - 1943 Werrimull 1943-1985

Donald arrived at Meringur to take up the families selection in 1924 from Woomelang where they had farmed for ten years.Jane and the four eldest children were picked up from Red Cliffs railway station in April 1926. The family settled on allotment 19 Meringur North consisting of 769 acres of uncleared land. The horses and implements arrived by train.

The family lived in a tin house for several years until the stone an asbestos house was built in 1933. Donald and Jane were married at streatham on march on March 6th 1912. They lived at Minyip before going to Woomelang. Christina was born at Donald 1918, Jack, Woomelang 1920, Jean, Hopetoun 1922, Ron Woomelang 1925, Colin, Werrimull 1930, Ken Werrimull 1912, Beth Renmark 1935. Additionally, two children died shortly after birth - Archibald the first born in 1916 and Majory in 1927. We all went to school at Meringur North, Christina, Jack, Jean, and Ron went to the first Meringur North school, Ron, Colin, and Ken went to the Meringur school for a time, then attended the new Meringur North school as did Beth. Ken and Beth then attended the Werrimull school. Ken later attended Scotch College before studying to be a Primary school teacher.

The older members of the family worked on the farm during the depression. A family mans allowance in these times was 7 pound a month, this has to supply food clothing and run the farm. About 1934 a straw roofed machinery shed and shearing shed were built. Jack joined the army in 1941, Tean (Christina) left the Millewa in 1939, in 1940 she started her training as a nurse at Royal Melbourne Hospital, 1945 saw her joining the RAAF nurtsing service as a Sister , and going to Japan, January 1948 with the occupation forces, where she met and married an Air Force pilot. Lyle (Nobby) Noble.

Jean enlisted in 1942 and was accepted after her tonsils were removed in 1943 and Ron the Air Force in 1943. After the war Jack and Ron worked in the shop until Ron joined the Police Force, and Jean married. After Beth left school she worked in the shop until she married. Donald died in 1962 at the age of 80, Jane died in 1970 at the age of 79. Jack and Colin continued the business until 1985 when they sold out to Barry and Joyce Clifford.

Jack delivered fuel supplies to the farmers in the area until 1982. Colin also owns a school bus, since moving to Irymple he has hired a driver. Tean, Mrs Noble lives in Balwyn North, her husband is deceased, they have four children(Kathleen, John, Andrew and David). Jacj retired to Mildura in 1986. Jean married Reg Gray, a farmers son from Morkalla, they had four boys(John, Geoffrey, Colin and Ken), Reg is now deceased and jean lives in Mildura. Ron maried Barbara Arney from Werrimull they have had children (Lynette, Graeme and Ian) and were later divorced. Ron now lives in Moama with his wife Pat.

Colin married Patricia Fisher from Red Cliffs they have three children (Stephen, Jeffrey and Leonie), Colin and Pat retired to Irymple. Ken married Jenny Gregory from Merbein they had four children (Allan, Peter, Terry and Andrew), they are now divorced and Ken lives in Morwell with Kathleen. Beth married Bruce Nunn from MOrkala, they have three children (Christine, Joy and Gary), they now are semi retired in Koorlong. Prepared by the Mcdonald family January 1996

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