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Bill McGaffin


1 1 William george Mcgaffin was born in Adelaide on the 14th October 1900, his parents moved to Renmark from Adelaide in 1910. After leaving school he entered into the plumbing business. At a later date he was employed by the Army and Navy General stored Ltd to operate their first motorised delivery service and it was at this particular time that he made his first entry into the Millewa, including lock 9 and other lock areas, as a door salesman selling general drapery. Sometime later he ventured across the border to Morkalla, to try his luck share farming for three to four years on hagen and Richards properties.

In 1937 he married Evelyn Alfreda Mattschoss and had three daughters and four sons. In 1938 Bill took over the Morkalla Store and Post Office, and built it up to a well stocked General store and agencies from groceries, hardware, furniture, jewellery, chemist lines and electrical appliances to cars, tractors and machinery. His shop assistant and post Mistress Miss Merlyne Mattschoss later taken over by his daughter Majorie. Bill was station master, School bus driver, operator of the rabbit chillers and also an active committee man on the Morkalla tennis Club, the cricket and football clubs, the Karween-Morkalla Hall committee. He was appointed on the committee to represent the Millewa in connection with the electricity Supply of the Millewa. He was an active sportsman being picked in the country week cricket team which played in melbourne in 1936-37, after giving up playing football he umpired for several years in the district, he also got tennis started Morkalla and played there until 1962 when the lawn courts were opened up at lake Cullulleraine.

It was the year 1961 when Bill his wife and family moved to Mildura. after leasing the 9th street B.P Service station later built up a flourishing Caravan park on the river road.




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